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Rennie Cowan Photography does photo restoration and photo retouching. The cost for retouching is usually standard. Restoration is based on the damage of the photo. Below are restoration and retouch photo examples. Some photos were restored and used in a Life Story documentary and a Batman documentary that was produced by Cowan Entertainment Company. Click on the images to enlarge.

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Photo Restoration - $20 to $60 per photo (depending on damage).
Skin Touch Ups (wrinkles, or acne) - $10 to $20 per photo.
Eye Touch ups - $5 per photo (eliminate red eye or brighten eyes).
Eye color change - $10 per photo.
Background compositing (change background of any image or color) - $15 per photo.
Colorization (any style, like a change to black and white) - $5 per photo
Minor Retouching - $3 per photo.
Major Retouching - $5 per photo.
Hair Retouching - $5 to $20 per photo.
Convert photo to Headshot Style (for Actors) - $10 per photo.

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