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Rennie Cowan Photography does Press Kits for Theater Productions and Productions for other medium in Film & TV. Below is a Press Kit for the Stage Production Oklahoma!, photographed at a realistic location for advertising purposes. Cowan Entertainment Company provided the cable commercial for the show. Click on images to enlarge.

group1  group2  gunguy  horseboy  boyuboy  groupyy  gouppss  goupssd  girldressy  coolboy  coolhh  boyboyhorse  boyhatip  tiptip  hatdap  hatcowboy  boyhatcow  cowboysaa  girls  firl  girlsboys  casttt  boyuud  guygirljjj  lookhere    pose1  pose2  pose3  pose4  girlygirls  pose5  boyyyrr  womangirl    hands2  hands44  manhat1  manhat22  mantall  manhats  mnann  woman11  womanss  oomm  mhhh  ghiirrlll  mnnnff  iikk  girlluuu  uuyytt  ppoouuuy

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